The ultimate goal of UC Merced's Police Mentor Program is to provide strong, healthy relationships and a safe environment for area youth. By filling the void that criminal street gangs and other negative outside influences often fill, the program undermines local gang recruitment.

  • The program addresses educational needs and quality-of-life issues faced by the youth of Merced County, an underserved population.
  • Through mentorship from UC Merced students and other caring role models, the program teaches fourth grade students the values of discipline, respect, responsibility and accountability.
  • The mentor program and the UC Merced community have established partnerships with local non-profit and county agencies with the mission of enabling youngsters to become productive community members and leaders. The program shows local youth that the dream of an education can become a reality. 

Challenge a child’s mind, change a child’s life. Volunteer your time, show you care and help make their dreams come true.